Meet our founders

Parka Digital are a partnership of lifelong friends from East London, who moved to Brighton and Hove, motivated by the positive, refreshing pace of life of the Sussex coast. A wealth of experience at other agencies and engineering businesses has left us wanting to shake off  profit-obsessed mindsets and focus instead on helping small businesses grow, and larger businesses scale.

Joey Evans
Commercial Lead

Joey has spent over 10 years working in eCommerce, specialising in partnerships, affiliates, solutions and search. Prior to Parka Digital, Joey was leading Partnerships at The Hut Group where he oversaw solutions partnerships with 3P suppliers and tech vendors, as well as the group strategy and relationships with agencies and consultancies.

Nick Byrne
Design Lead

Nick is an experienced design lead and lead product designer at a number of agencies and startups. Nick’s expertise spans across various design disciplines including UX, UI and Visual design and he possesses a keen eye for detail and an intuitive understanding of how to optimise experiences for growth.

Danny Sloan
Tech Lead

Danny has spent the past 11 years leading creative technical solutions to a wide range of problems on behalf of private sector and government clients, in areas including media, security, and violent extremism. He has also worked on projects ranging through marketing, retail, gaming, education, business, and social media.

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